The rules for posting reviews

When writing reviews or comments (hereinafter referred to as the Text), follow these rules:

  • Stay on topic. The text should be dedicated to the element to which it refers.
  • Don't post bogus reviews to boost or downgrade ratings.
  • Do not post sexually explicit material or material containing obscene language.
  • Do not post content that contains insults, discriminatory language or threats.
  • Do not impersonate another person or mislead users about your association with a particular person or company in any other way.

The following tips and tricks may also help you:

  • The text should be easy to read, so use capital letters and punctuation sparingly.
  • Publish information that is accurate, useful, and understandable.
  • Try to highlight both the positive and negative aspects.
  • Be polite and don't insult others.
  • Follow the grammar rules and check your spelling.
  • Try to keep your Text useful and informative.